Basic SEO Terms and Their Meaning


Today we will learn about some basic SEO terms and their meanings. SEO is search engine optimization. When you do some search in Google, it shows you its results. You see only the results that match your search term. Bloggers and website owners optimize their content in such a way that they come in search results. This is called SEO. If you are interested in digital marketing, then it is very important to know about it. SEO has many terms, if you do not know about them then you will not understand it. SEO is very important in Blogging.

Unless you know the English alphabet from A to Z, you will not be able to make any words or sentences. Likewise, it is important to know the basic words of SEO. As a beginner I have given you some SEO words and their meanings below.

You have to understand the meaning of that terms. So that it will be helpful to learn in advance level of SEO.

Basic SEO Terms and Their Meaning

Basic SEO Terms
Basic SEO Terms

Alt Text

It is used inside the images of your web page. Its main job is to tell the search engine what the image of the web page is about.

Anchor Text

When we write text to link to another web page from our web page, we call it anchor text.

Google Bot/Spider/Crawler

These are a type of programs, due to which search engines are able to read the content of your website. They have many names like, crawlers, googlebot, etc. The job of all of them is to read the content of your website properly and tell the search engines what type of content is on your website. So that the search engines can get your website ranked correctly.


When your website get linked in another website, that link is called backlink.

Do Follow Backlink

A default link is called do-Follow Backlink. Whenever a website gives us do follow backlink, then that website transfers a link juice with the help of that link. So that Google’s bots know whether the website with this link is good or bad.
If a good website has a link to your website, then it puts a good impression on Google bots and if it is on a bad website then bad.

No Follow Backlink

When a website has a link to your website but has a “no-follow” tag, it means that the website owner does not want Google’s bots to read the content of your website with that link. Meaning this type of link does not provide any type of link juice.


Whenever you do some search on any search engine, you will search as a query. Like “What is this?” But do you know that this is a keyword for bloggers. Many bloggers work on this search term or keyword to make their website come first in the search engine. Similarly, any search term that a lot of people search for, is a keyword.

Meta Data

Meta data is such type of data that the search engine’s bots or crawlers read. All this data is written in the <head> </head> section of your website. Like we told you earlier that Google’s bots read your website. But do you know that they do not read the text of your web page. Rather they read the meta data of your web page. By which Google’s bots know about your website very well and they are able to tell their search engine about your website properly. Therefore, you should always write your meta data properly.

Meta Title

Meta title is only part of meta data. This is the title of your articles or website which shows the main content of your website.

Meta Description

Meta description is also the part of meta data that shows the content of your website in small description. It is also shown in search engines under the title of your website. You Should always right your meta description properly.

Meta Keywords

Meta keywords refers to the keywords in your website or article. So that Google’s bots know which keywords have been written for the content of your website. This is also very important for the SEO of your website.


The techniques we use to optimize our website, all those techniques are known as SEO. SEO is very important for the ranking of your website

On Page SEO

The technique of optimizing your website (during designing of your website) for search engines is called On Page SEO. In this process you optimize the text, headings, images, links, etc. of your website. So that your website can be ranked on search engines.

Off Page SEO

The technique(after designing of your website) used to improve the ranking of the website is called Off Page SEO.

White Hat SEO

Using the right techniques to rank your website on Google is called white hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO

Getting your website ranked in the Google search engine in the wrong ways is called Black Hat Seo.

Robots.txt File

This file is a communication part with search engine robots and tells them which sites and pages to index. If there is a page on your website that you do not want to show on search engines. Then you can mark that page with “no-index” tag.

Page Rank

Google gives each website a rank based on its quality, which is between 0 to 10. This rank is called page rank. The website that has a higher page rank. Google always shows that website at the top.


A sitemap is an html form of your website. Which makes it easy for search engines to read your website. We have to submit the sitemap of our website to all search engines.

In this post, we learned about basic SEO term. In this website, we will give you all the information in the details of SEO further. If you like this post, then you can share this post with your friends.





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