Good Night Messages For Boyfriend [Best Text Messages For Him]


Good Night Messages For Boyfriend: If you are looking for best good night messages for bf then you came to right place. Today in this post we will here post more than 100 Good night messages for him or you can best good night messages for lover. So Without Wasting anymore time let’s start.

 Good Night Messages For Boyfriend

Good Night Messages For Girlfriend
Good Night Messages For Girlfriend
  1. It’s so funny that I’m still afraid of the dark.❤️ But when u are with me, there’s nothing I need to worry about.❤️ I can’t wait to forget about everything in ur arms, feel ur heart beating next to mine.❤️ Sweet dreams, baby.❤️
  2. I hate sleeping without u.❤️ Nights are endless when u don’t hold me, I feel so cold and alone.❤️ Let’s not sleep by ourselves anymore, it’s not something I can handle.❤️ Goodnyt and see u soon, luv.❤️
  3. I hope u’ll see me in ur dreams, luv.❤️ i’ll do anything to make ur sleep safe and peaceful.❤️ I hope that this nyt will bring u harmony, and in the morning u will feel one hundred percent rested.❤️ 
  4. I miss u so much when u are not around.❤️ I know u do too.❤️ But I hope that it won’t make u restless.❤️ Have a great peaceful nyt and don’t forget that in the morning we will see each other again.❤️
  5. I wish I could kiss u right now.❤️ Did u know that it’s my favourite thing to do? May this nyt be peaceful and full of sweet dreams.❤️ Miss u like crazy, can’t wait to see ur handsome face tomorrow.❤️ 
  6. Good nyt baby.❤️ I dream about that perfect world where every day would start with a kiss from u and every nyt would start with a cuddle with u.❤️
  7. Good nyt, my sweetheart.❤️ As long as I am waking up with a messages from u in the morning I don’t mind having even the scariest dreams.❤️
  8. At the moment I am starring at the picture we took together in the morning, so I can easily pass the lonely nyt.❤️ gud nite.❤️ luv!
  9. This nyt I wish u to sleep calm as never before.❤️ I‘ll be next to u.❤️ Good nyt!
  10. I know how hard to fall asleep for u.❤️ U have to try it.❤️ i’ll be with u in ur dreams.❤️ Hug u, dear.❤️

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Good Night Messages For Him

  1. I wish someday I’ll give u a kiss in the forehead and say goodnyt to u.❤️ And then u’ll take me in ur arms and then I’ll close my eyes.❤️ Good nyt my luv!
  2. Spending each and every day with ur luv and ur company is a wonderful experience.❤️ I luv u for making me feel happy all the time.❤️ Good nyt!
  3. I’m thinking of u right now because it’s a very dark and cold nyt.❤️ I wish u were here to give me hug & make me feel safe tonyt.❤️ Good nyt my luv!
  4. Wishing good nyt to the most handsome man in the world.❤️ May u have the sweetest dream of ur life tonyt!
  5. I know right now u are thinking of me and u probably got a million things to do.❤️ But I guess u should know that the whole time u were busy, I was worried about u.❤️ So take care, ok.❤️
  6. Goodnyt, sweet prince.❤️ May ur dreams be nothing short of spectacular.❤️ U are my one true luv and life’s wish.❤️ luv to u, my soul mate.❤️ Heart to heart we sleep.❤️
  7. Good nyt, to the guy who makes my days bright.❤️ Sweet dreams, to the guy whose luv makes me burst out at the seams.❤️ Hugs and kisses, to the guy who makes my life seem like a bed of roses.❤️ I luv u.❤️
  8. Go to sleep knowing u’ll be the last thing I think about and the first thing I think of when I wake up to the sun beaming down and the birds chirping.❤️
  9. All I wish is that the nyts when we are together would never end.❤️ When we are apart, I cannot bear it.❤️ Good nyt, my luv.❤️
  10. Silent nyt and ur dreams, Silent nyt as I remember u, Do u even have a clue? That I am missing u so much my luv, Wish u a luvly nyt, Good nyt!

Good Night Messages For Lover

  1. With each passing day my luv for u grows, I don’t understand how it happens, but somehow I manage it, baby, I can’t wait for tomorrow to luv u more.❤️ Good nyt.❤️
  2. The starlit sky looks amazing and the ambiance of the nyt is mesmerizing.❤️ But it is nothing as compared to how beautiful I feel from within when I am with u.❤️ Good nyt.❤️
  3. Separation from u this nyt brings sorrow, being in ur hugs will dispel it tomorrow.❤️ 
  4. U may be away in ur own little space but sleeping with the selfie we took this day is a fine second place.❤️ 
  5. A perfect world is one where u are the last thing I see each nyt and the first thing I notice each morning.❤️ 
  6. Instead of drowning us both in pillow talk, I just want to say thanks for being there for my worst and turning things around.❤️ Ι luv u.❤️ 
  7. Mornings may be easy when I know u’ll be around, but nyts are harder when ur presence can’t be found.❤️
  8. While everyone else hears nothing this nyt, the loud beat from this heart u excite will be my lullaby.❤️ 
  9. I tried to count the stars to help me sleep this nyt, but all of their lights seem dim without ur own star’s light.❤️ 
  10. Every nyt is a battle in my mind between dreaming I’m with u and nytmares where I lose u.❤️ I miss u.❤️

Good Night Messages For BF

Good Night Wishes For Girlfriend
Good Night Wishes For Girlfriend
  1. While the stars in Night’s tapestry are scintillating, the way u make me feel resonates so much more deeply.❤️ 
  2. Tonyt’s warm feelings won’t be because u snuggled up but rather from the hugs enclosed with this text…and maybe some latent radiation in our phones 😛 
  3. Every nyt is like going out for Chinese.❤️ I’m left with a sour taste from leaving u, but it changes to sweet once u show up in my dreams.❤️ 
  4. Why say good nyt when we both know the good times come when we get to see each other? 
  5. Let’s rest well so that we can enjoy the next day in each other’s company with all the energy in the world-the world will need it to survive us.❤️ 
  6. U are the reason I wake up in the morning so may we both drift off peacefully only to awaken to each other again for another day and another part of our forever.❤️ 
  7. I am lying here thinking of u as I am about to drift off and I am so thankful to have u in my life as my sweetheart and my luv and I wish u the sweetest of dreams.❤️
  8. I couldn’t fall asleep unless I told u how much I miss u – luv u and goodnyt!
  9. U are the sweetest thing, and I luv u.❤️
  10. Today has been a non-stop, hectic, crazy day, and I wish I had gotten time to see u… so I’m thinking about u before I fall asleep.❤️ Goodnyt, sleep tight

Good Night Wishes For Boyfriend

  1. I’ve got u and only u in my heart <3 sweet dreams.❤️.❤️.❤️
  2. I wish we didn’t have to sleep apart, so I’ll be seeing u in my dreams my luv…
  3. Every day u give me more reasons to fall in luv with u – I’m thinking of ways to make u fall more and more in luv with me as I fall asleep, dreaming of u…
  4. I don’t know what I’d do without u – u mean everything to me.❤️
  5. I tried counting the reasons I luv u – but there were too many and now I’m falling asleep thinking of u.❤️
  6. Goodnyt, man of my dreams, I’ll see u there…
  7. I luv, luv, luv u.❤️
  8. I’m going to have dreams about u tonyt…
  9. Are u going to think about me before u fall asleep tonyt? I hope so…
  10. Spending today with u was absolutely perfect.❤️

Good Night Wishes For Him

Good Night Messages For GF
Good Night Messages For GF
  1. I wish u were here next to me as I fall asleep, and when I wake up in the morning…
  2. Missing u as I drift off to sleep…
  3. Will I be in ur dreams? What will we be doing together, I wonder…
  4. It’s cold here, I wish we could be together to warm up…
  5. I hope I’ll be in ur dreams tonyt 😉
  6. Can’t sleep? Me neither.❤️ Let’s not sleep together?
  7. Dream big, handsome.❤️ Sleep tight and dream big.❤️
  8. It’s a full moon tonyt, but even that isn’t as big or bright as my luv for u.❤️
  9. Only thing I hate about falling asleep is that it’s time I don’t get to spend with u!
  10. I just wanted to say sweet dreams.❤️ I’ll be thinking of u <3

Good Night Wishes For Lover

  1. Wish I could fall asleep in ur arms
  2. Hope u dream some beautiful dreams tonyt
  3. Goodnyt gorgeous
  4. Take a look at the moon outside.❤️ It’s beautiful.❤️ Wish I could be looking at it with u
  5. It’s hard to fall asleep because I can’t stop thinking about u 🙂
  6. Had a really nice time tonyt.❤️ Can’t wait to see u again
  7. What do u think u’ll dream of tonyt?
  8. I bet u’re beautiful when u sleep
  9. Listening to this song closing my eyes & it’s making me think of u
  10. I’m about to pass out, but just wanted to say I luv u.❤️

Good Night Wishes For BF

Good Night Wishes For Gf
Good Night Wishes For Gf
  1. I already miss u.I miss u more and more every nyt. Sweet dreams angel
  2. Hey.❤️ luv u.❤️ That’s all
  3. “Wash ur face and wash ur feet! Now it’s time to fall asleep.❤️ Ur eyes are weak and mouth can’t speak, so hope this nyt shall be nice and sweet.❤️ gud nite.❤️.❤️”
  4. “Dream touches ur heart and soul.❤️ It is a magical memory that unites fantasy and reality.❤️ Hope you’ll have the sweetest dream tonight.❤️ gud nite.❤️!”
  5. “We come with nothing and go with nothing.❤️ But one great thing we achieve is, a little remembrance in someone’s mind & small place in someone’s heart.❤️ Good nyt!”
  6. “If u ever feel lonely, look to the sky… Always know that I’m somewhere beneath that sky wishing all the best for u.❤️ Good nyt… sweet dreams!”
  7. “Hey there, just dropped by to say hello.❤️ Hope that u had a wonderful day! gud nite.❤️.❤️”
  8. “No matter how bad the nightmares were if u wake me up from them.❤️ gud nite.❤️.❤️”
  9. “Millions of people are sleeping, millions of are eating, millions of are working but the only one and very special to me is reading my message.❤️gud nite.❤️.❤️”
  10. “Just a line… to keep in touch… because u are on my mind so very much… and even though, I’ve nothing to say… u’ll know… I thought of u today… Good nyt!”

Good Night Msgs For Boyfriend

  1. “Tired of messages like gud nite.❤️, Missing U, luv U, and so on? Now here’s a new one – Can u smile for me once?”
  2. “This nyt ends all the troubles u’ve been through all day.❤️ Just sleep it off.❤️ Good nyt.❤️”
  3. “Since ur eyes are looking tired, let your eyelashes hug each other for a few hours.❤️ Happy journey into the world of dreams.❤️ gud nite.❤️ and Sweet Dreams.❤️”
  4. “Sending a pillow of happy thoughts to create wonderful dreams, a blanket of care to keep u blessed in life and a prayer to protect u always.❤️ Good nyt!”
  5.  “I know it’s not true, but my heart still believes that the moon shines for just me and u.❤️ Good nyt.❤️”
  6. “As the breeze blows, I hope it takes away ur worries.❤️ As the skies darken, I hope they hide all ur weaknesses and as the stars shine, I hope they twinkle on the best opportunities of ur life.❤️ Good nyt sweetheart.❤️”
  7. “Night is a good time to remember all the sweet things & all the sweet persons in ur life.❤️ So sleep well with ur sweet memories.❤️ gud nite.❤️.❤️”
  8. “I hope that this good nyt message converts all ur fears into confidence, obstacles into opportunities and worries into smiles.❤️ Sleep tight.❤️”
  9. “The best bridge between despair and hope is a good nyt’s sleep.❤️ Hope u have a restful Night.❤️”
  10. “Laugh and the world will laugh with u, snore and u sleep alone.❤️ – Anthony Burgess”

Good Night Msgs For BF

  1. “I am just staring at the selfie that we took together in the day so that I can pass the lonely nyt away.❤️ Good nyt.❤️”
  2.  “When my arms can’t reach people who are close to my heart, I always hug them with my prayers.❤️ gud nite.❤️.❤️”
  3. i’ll be dreaming of u tonyt, sweetheart.❤️ I hope u dream of me too.❤️ Good nyt, baby.❤️
  4. Sweetheart, as u go to bed tonyt, know that nothing in the whole world is ever going to change the luv i’ve for u.❤️ Good nyt.❤️
  5. As another day comes to an end, I want to thank God for blessing me with u.❤️ i’ll always cherish and luv u, my dear.❤️ Good nyt.❤️
  6. Whenever I am down, all I need to do in order to feel good is just remind myself that i’ve someone like u in my life.❤️ U’re all I need in this life, and I luv u from the bottom of my heart.❤️ Good nyt, sweetheart, and may angels guard u as u sleep.❤️
  7. Good nyt, my luv.❤️ Know that u are my everything, and I luv u from the depths of my heart.❤️ Sweet dreams.❤️
  8. I can’t sleep because whenever I think of u my heart races at a million miles an hour.❤️
  9. U are the reason I wake up each morning, work all day, and u’re the reason that I’m always happy.❤️ I luv u so much.❤️
  10. After a busy day all I want to do is cuddle up next to u and relax.❤️

Good Night Msgs For Lover

Good Night Msgs For Girlfriend
Good Night Msgs For Girlfriend
  1.  luv u so much, good nyt.❤️
  2. My favorite thing about going to bed at nyt is that after texting u, I get to be with
  3. u in my dreams.❤️ G’nyt sweetie.❤️
  4. Instead of texting u goodnyt I wish u were here so that I could say it to ur face.❤️
  5. If we were star gazing I wouldn’t know the difference between the stars and ur eyes.❤️
  6. Whenever i’ve a bad day all i’ve to do is think of u and my day brightens up
  7. instantly.❤️
  8. U are perfect in every single way, I wouldn’t change a thing about u.❤️

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