How To Improve Your Battery in Android Phone


Improve Battery in Android Phone : If you are an Android smartphone user, you will often have a battery problem. Because in earlier cell phones, the battery used to run smoothly even for 2 or 3 days. But nowadays the battery in advanced Android smartphones does not run more than 1 day. And if you use your cellphone continuously, then the battery of your smartphone may not last even 1 day.

So taking the solution of this problem, we will talk in this post today. In this post, we will tell you about some tips and tricks that you can use to increase your battery life. I do not say that your battery will run for 2 or 3 days. But I can say for sure that you will definitely get some good results in your cellphone’s battery life.

How To Improve Battery Life in Android Phone 

First of all, let us see all the points at once. After that we will understand all the points one by one in detail.

  1. Reduce screen brightness.
  2. Don’t use live wallpapers.
  3. Don’t use 3rd party launchers.
  4. Always use black wallpaper or black theme.
  5. Keep your battery away from extreme heat.
  6. Disable auto sync.
  7. Turn off Wifi, when not in use.
  8. Disable hap tic feedback
  9. Turn off location service when not in use.
  10. Disable auto updates for widgets in your smartphones.

So now we will understand all these points in detail once. So that you have easy understanding of all these points. And by using them, you can improve the battery life of your Android phone.

Reduce Screen Brightness

The screen brightness of your smartphone plays a major role in the battery life of your cellphone. If you want to save your cellphone battery, you will always keep the screen brightness of your cellphone low.

Don’t Use Live Wallpapers

We use a lot of live wallpapers to make our home screen look cool. But do you know that live wallpapers use a lot of battery? So we would advise you not to use live wallpapers if you want to increase your battery life.

Don’t Use Third Party Launchers 

Do not know because of  the theme of our smartphone changes, how many launchers we often install in our phones.  All of them use too much battery whether you download it from play store or anywhere else. Because all those launchers start a lot of processes in the background. So do not use these 3rd party launchers to save your smartphone battery.

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Always Use Black Wallpaper and Themes

By the way, you can apply any wallpaper you like to your smartphone. It doesn’t make so much difference. But even if we talk about a slight difference, then try to always use black color wallpaper and theme. Because of this, the rest of the colors of your cellphone will not be used, which will make your battery last longer.

Keep Your Battery Away from Extreme Heat

You must have noticed the usual thing in your smartphone, that whenever your battery becomes very hot, it starts running out quickly. Now it is not the case that it is warm due to the processes of your smartphone. If you keep your cellphone in some such place, where there is too much heat. The effect will be exactly the same. Your battery will heat up and run out quickly. So always keep your smartphone or battery away from a hot place.

Improve Battery in Smartphone

Disable Auto Sync on Your Smartphone

Have you heard the name of backup? As our smartphones are getting advanced, the features inside it are also getting much more advanced. There is always an option on your smartphone called Auto Sync. The function of this feature is to keep backup of your cellphone online after an interval of some time.

By the way, this feature is very useful. With the help of this feature, you will get the benefit that if something is accidentally deleted from your smartphone, then you can bring it back to your smartphone from backup.

But like I said, it keeps syncing in the background after some time, due to which your battery is also used. So if you want to save battery then you can turn off auto sync by going to your smartphone settings.

Turn Off Wifi and Hotspot When Not in Use

You must have heard this thing a lot if you use hotspot or wifi very much. Then because of that also your smartphone battery drains very quickly. And I have often seen that even when people do not use WiFi, their phones still have wifi enabled , which drains the battery quickly. So we will advise you that if you are not using hotspot or wifi, then you should turn off both these options.

Disable Hap Tic Feedback To Improve Battery

You have to always turn off your phone’s hap tic feedback by going to your smartphone settings. This will greatly benefit the battery of your smartphone.

Turn Off Location Service When Not in Use To Improve Battery

The location service in your cellphone also uses a lot of battery. So whenever you do not need a location service or if you are trying to save your battery, then you should stop the location service from your cellphone.

Disable Auto Updates of Widgets in Your Smartphone

All the widgets in your smartphone are automatically updated. And there are many widgets that we don’t even use. But due to their auto update, they are automatically updated in the background. Due to which the battery of your smartphone also runs out quickly. So always turn off the auto apps of your smartphone’s widgets.


By the way, all the features we have given in the smartphone are all of our work. But sometimes we get stuck in a place where we are in dire need of batteries. Therefore, at that time all these tips and tricks may come in handy for you. I hope you have learned something new today. This will surely improve battery in android smartphone. If you like this post, then definitely share it with your friends and family.



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