What is Firewall and Why It is So Important [Explained]


What is Firewall : All of us humans take care of one thing in our mind to do any small and big thing in our life,  and that is “security”. For example, for their future, people save money in advance so that when they need money later.  There will be no need to spread their hands in front of anyone. To protect the safety of their children, parents stay with them at every step.

The life of all of us is in a security circle in some way, due to which we are breathing peace. In the same way, the computer also needs a security so that it can be protected from viruses and malware. And the data of the computer cannot be access by any other user. The name of that security is “firewall“. People who use computer and Internet more must have heard the name of firewall. Today i’m gonna tell you about what is firewall and why firewall is so important

What is Firewall?


Firewall is a system to protect computers, which protects all types of computers and its networks from hackers and malware. It protects our computer from hacking software that secretly comes inside our computers. And passes all the personal details to the hackers sending that software. And that hacker can do any illegal thing with your personal details.

A firewall is a type of security scheme that resides either as a software programs or as a hardware device. So whenever our computer connects to the internet, then this firewall prevents the traffic coming towards our computer from coming in.

For example, let me tell you that whenever we go to a website using the internet in the computer, or watch some videos, as well as download them or anything else working on the Internet. Then It stops whatever traffic is coming towards our computer. It creates a wall in our computer network so that any unwanted software or any unwanted files cannot comes in and automatically installs in the computer.

Firewalls allow only those things in our computer network that do not harm our computer. Suppose if a computer already has a virus. And that computer is connected to all other computers. On that time also firewall prevents that virus from going from one computer to another. Then It prevents a computer virus to reaching other computers. This means that It performs security work on both sides.

Types of Firewall

There are two types of firewall: software firewall and second hardware firewall

Hardware Firewall

Hardware firewalls are already present in all the routers nowadays, whose job is to prevent viruses from one computer to another. Suppose 10 computers are connected to a router in one room, and a firewall is enabled in that router. So It will start working on all those computers automatically.

Whenever something happens on the Internet from computers, at that time It protects the computer from viruses and malware. Whenever a request is sent by a computer on the Internet, it goes in the form of data packets. And all those data packets are attached by a network ID. Then firewall read the network ID and accept the data. Whenever a firewall sees another network ID going into that data packet, it stops it outside.

So whenever a reply to that request comes from the server, the same network ID comes with that packet so that It knows that the data is correct. Apart from this, if any other packet tries to enter inside with that packet, then It stops it.

The second task of It is that if a virus comes from anywhere in a computer, then the virus cannot get out of that computer and reach the other computer, It also takes care of it.

Software Firewall

In newer Windows operating systems like Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP, etc., It is already inbuilt and remains by default “on” so that the computer is completely protected. If you want, you can change it according to your need by looking at its settings in computers. Apart from this, many antivirus are also present in internet like Avast, McAfee, Norton etc.

In all these, the work of firewall is same. Whenever we install new software or games in our computers, a popup box appears in our computer, in which It asks for permission from the user whether you have to install this program in your computer because Windows firewall blocked this program. And if we want to install that software we can easily install the program clicking on the install button. Software firewall works in computer like this and keeps our personal data safe from hackers and virus.


Whether it is hardware or software, it is very important to use it in computers because there are many malicious sites in the internet which can sneak into our computer and steal data. I hope you have understood what is firewall and why it is important? If you have not used it in your computer yet, then do it and keep your computer safe.



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